Sponsored Athletes



Why Joe is Rad: Joe has a foundation called Project Inspire Diversity. “Being that the media controls what’s ‘trending’ in the sport, it’s safe to say less Black athletes receive assistance from a grassroots level to help them further develop into athletes following collegiate careers. Part of my project is bringing this issue to the forefront and using a few of my sponsors to provide running-product support to a few young up and coming Black American athletes who compete in distance events.”

What Joe Thinks of Tanri: “What I love most about Tanri sunscreen products is that they are all natural. No longer do I have to be concerned with having chemicals in my sunscreen. Allows me to focus on the adventure ahead with confidence that I’m taking care of my skin without the worry of chemicals being on my skin.”



Why Courtney is Rad: In 2020 Courtney won the George Mallory Award for breaking boundaries in human experience and what we define as “possible”. She pushes the limits of the human body and spirit, and finishes her superhuman feats off with an ice cold brewski at the finish line. 

What Courtney Thinks of Tanri: “I love that Tanri products last on my skin and lips for a long time, and I love that they are safe for the planet. The lip balm flavors are delicious, the sun screen doesn't feel greasy, and Tanri gives back to our outdoor playground.”

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