Natural Sun Protection
for Runners, by Runners.

Protect your Skin, Preserve Nature


Our skincare products are environmentally friendly. From our aluminum packaging to recycled plastic, we are always looking to improve.


All ethically sourced and clean skincare products free from toxins and animal testing. Tried and tested. 100% safe for your skin, and reef-safe. 

Giving Back

We have a responsibility to protect the nature that we love. Tanri is a member of 1% For The Planet.

What our runners say about Tanri

Anne Palacios

I honestly love the textures in both the sunscreen and lip balms as well as SPF included. I also appreciate the higher SPF 30 in the sunscreen which helps me a lot because I can burn easily. I think one suggestion I have would be making the sunscreen also available in a bigger size. I know for the face, body, neck, etc. an athlete could use a lot!

Courtney Dauwalter American Champion and Record-Holding Ultramarathoner

The lip balm flavors are delicious, the sun screen doesn't feel greasy, and Tanri gives back to our outdoor playground. I love that they last on my skin and lips for a long time, and I love that they are safe for the planet.

Danielle Goldtooth

I’ve received the box of goodies AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! I’ve used the sunscreen on my runs and just being outside. My boyfriend and I really love the lip balm. He gets chapped lips because of work and certain lip balms (Chapstick, Carmex, Blistex) give me cold sores within 24 hours. And this has not done it!!!

Designed to last through
your hardest adventures.

Made for runners, by runners.