Frequently asked Questions

1. Are Tanri products cruelty-free?

Yes, all Tanri products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals.

2. Are Tanri products vegan?

They sure are. All Tanri products are vegan. No animals were used or harmed in the making of Tanri skincare.

3. Can I use Tanri sunscreen on my dog?

Yep, Tanri sunscreen is even safe for Skippy! It’s made with all natural ingredients (and no chocolate) so it’s safe for all mammals, 2-legged or 4. 

4. Why is Tanri sunscreen SPF 30?

In our experience, SPF 30 is the sweet spot for mineral formulas! SPF 50 (the highest FDA recognized SPF level) is only 2% more effective. However, in mineral formulas this added SPF leaves the sunscreen feeling thick and harder to rub in. SPF 30 has a minimal difference in SPF while going on smoothly. 

5. Will it make me look like a ghost?

The current formula is semi-non-whitening (you may notice a slight white cast due to the natural mineral barrier on your skin). We have happy users of all skin tones say how well it rubs in and nobody looks like the lifeguards with white noses on the beach. We are currently working on a new formula that leaves almost ZERO white cast. 

6. Are Tanri products safe for my kids?

Yep, Tanri is safe for the whole fam.

7. Does Tanri use sustainable product packaging?

We are actively working on switching to more sustainable materials for our product packaging. Right now we use recyclable plastic.