There's No Planet B

Tis’ the season for reflection on the past year. While we all have things to be grateful for individually, collectively, here at Tanri, we’re grateful for staying true to our core values; in particular our sustainability efforts.

Plastic product packaging makes up about 18% of landfill waste, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize that percentage equates to approximately 27 million tons. To break that number down even further, imagine 25,000 plastic items. Now multiply that by 26,999,999. From Starbucks cups to takeout containers, packaged foods and beverages, and almost everything that takes up space in bathroom drawers, the majority ends up in landfills. What makes these numbers so disconcerting is knowing a majority of these plastics didn’t have to end up in a landfill. An outstanding number of plastics don’t get recycled and either sit in a mountain of waste, or worse, end up breaking down into microplastics in our oceans. 

Now, we know all this talk of recycling, plastics, waste, etc. can get to be a bit daunting, and it can be difficult to make changes to the way we consume when we’ve done it a certain way for so long. Sometimes grabbing a coffee on the way to work is necessary when running low on energy. Take-out is a lifesaver when there’s a family to feed and half of a to-do list to finish. Life happens, and that’s okay, but being eco-conscious shouldn’t be so hard! Our hope with Tanri products is to become an eco-conscious choice in a world full of convenience. We want to offer an effortless option that satisfies the need for suncare without any repercussions on the environment.

The vision of Tanri has always been to be one with nature, to respect our playground, and to give back to support conservational efforts. From our ingredients down to our packaging, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint. Using recycled plastics for our sunscreen and lip balm packaging, and recyclable and reusable packaging for the rest of our suncare products is just the start. Our refillable options allow us to minimize the amount of plastic we use while also decreasing waste output. With our aluminum packaging holding a 70% higher repurpose rate than plastic, we feel good in knowing our materials will live another life beyond Tanri.

Although there are still some changes we’re in the process of making to continue on this path of sustainability, we’re hopeful. Leaving the world better for future generations runs deep in our core, and we couldn’t keep doing what we do without any of you! So from everyone here at Tanri, thank you for playing a vital role in our conservation efforts.



If you're unsure of whether or not your skincare products can be recycled check out for help. For recycling programs check out

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