The Tanri Story

Hello adventurers!

  We are so excited to have a space where we can connect and continue to build our community of nature lovers, runners, and of course, suncare enthusiasts. Here, we’ll take a deeper dive into suncare routines and ingredients, the foundation of running, environmental issues, and all things outdoors! We’ll also get a chance to highlight our Tanri athletes, who are some of the most prominent figures in the ultra-running community. 

But before we get into all of that, we wanted to give you an inside look at how our brand came to fruition. 

  Great things, most often, come after a series of challenges or hardships. Such is the case with Tanri.

  “I’ve been an ultrarunner since I was three!” says Founder, Quc Taing, lightheartedly. Born in a Cambodian labor camp, Quc became acquainted with the hardships life had to offer rather quickly. After trekking through the jungle to Thailand with his parents, two brothers, and grandmother, relocating to the Philippines, and finally finding a sponsor to the United States, Quc and his family began planting their roots in California.



  Although he always had a knack for art, which would continuously get him excused from not paying attention in class, and energy that longed to be utilized in school sports, Quc had to pull his weight in sustaining the family. With his parents becoming entrepreneurs, there was no time for extracurricular activities. Quc’s main focus had to be his education and his family business.

  Was he fond of this structured lifestyle forced upon him? Not exactly, but he learned hands-on lessons about business that he’d never get in a classroom. To his benefit, he used those lessons to follow in his parent’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur himself. Success developed rather quickly, but with all great things comes challenges and hardships. 

  Anxiety gnawed at him, stress was constant, and sleep became nonexistent, Quc was on the verge of losing everything he had spent years building. So, he reconnected with his younger self and tapped into those passions for art and high energy by stepping into the most beautiful work of art known to man, mother nature.

  His journey started as an outlet, but it blossomed into a connection to the environment around him. With every hour spent, every mile completed, answers came easier and life finally felt lighter. But Quc didn’t want this feeling of grounding to be left on the trails. As so many answers had come to him before, the idea of staying connected with this newfound outlet and love for nature came to him in the form of what he knew best, entrepreneurship. 

  Finding a sunscreen that doesn’t burn your eyes when you sweat was almost as impossible as finding an available domain for a catchy brand name! After flipping through some of his favorite ancient mythologies, however, Quc stumbled upon Yer Tanri, the Turkic Earth goddess. At that moment, everything seamlessly came together. Tanri was born.

  Tanri was built on the foundation of love and respect for nature, and an appreciation for what the outdoors can do for our health and wellness. Our products are suncare because we care about you. Our values go deeper because we care about the planet!  

          Welcome to the Tanri Tribe .-



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