An Introduction to Trail Running.

Adventurous routes, challenging terrains and breathtaking views are all rewards trail running has to offer.

Social media depicts trail runners as athletes in exotic locations with expensive gear but it doesn't take a trip to the wilderness or maxing out your credit card on sun care products to enjoy the benefits trail running gives. With the right mindset, proper shoes, and a little bit of motivation, trail running can be more accessible than you think. 

The outdoors is the driving force behind how I have been able to navigate through life. It has helped me through my past anxieties, business failures, and so much more. I found that my connection with nature helped provide me with the health, clarity, and mindset to win in every area of my life.⁣ From my passion for nature, I was inspired to create Tanri Outdoors so you can experience these benefits as well. Let's protect what matters!Trail running has a few benefits that road running may not offer. Most trails have softer materials than roads, so runners experience less impact. Also, typical trail paths often have uneven surfaces that require more coordination to traverse. Trail running offers the benefit of varying body movements and engaging some core muscle groups in new and different ways, lessening the repetitive nature of road running.

We took a water break with Tanri owner and experienced trail runner, Quc Taing, to find out what it takes to both mentally, and physically, dominate the trails. 

Listen To Your Body.

Whether you’re training for a race or just looking to stay fit, staying aware of your body is key. The difference between pushing yourself and overtraining can lead to injuries, exhaustion, and longer recuperation times. If you are feeling tired it doesn't necessarily mean that you're not motivated. Your body will always tell you when it needs a rest, so listen to it and avoid training beyond your limits. 

Stay Hydrated!

Make sure to drink enough fluids. Your body can sweat and become dehydrated while trail running even during cold and rainy weather conditions. You should always be careful with sports drinks that contain too much sugar as they can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

To maintain optimal performance while running, consume fluids or foods that deliver long-lasting nutrition before you train in order to avoid dehydration and injury. After your run, be sure to continue drinking fluids to aid in your body’s natural recovery.

Check Your Gear.

Before you go buying the next “big thing” in running technology, remember that you’re only as good as you train. For beginning trail runners, the gear required isn’t much different than that of road running. A dedicated trail shoe with proper tread is recommended, especially if you’ll be hitting trails with lots of roots and rocks along the way. 

Other than a pair of solid running shoes, Quc recommends applying Tanri’s SPF50 sunblock prior to going out. Tanri sunscreen glides on like a moisturizer, leaves no white cast, and offers a sun protection factor of 50! 

During overcast weather you may feel like wearing sunscreen is optional but it couldn't be further from the truth. While clouds do reduce some of the sun's UV rays, they don't block all of them. Including a natural, environmentally friendly, sunblock to your face and body can help prevent burns and keep your skin healthy for the long haul.


The same great TANRI sunscreen you love, now in spray form! Bottled in a 5 oz recycled aluminum container, TANRI sunblock spray is our traditional formulation offering easy and quick application. Check out the optional compact and lightweight 1 oz refillable container that's perfect to take along for any adventure!

Motivation Is Everything.

While running it's important to get into your rhythm as soon as possible, so starting off at a slower pace will help you conserve energy. Trails can be very long and It feels much better spending the second half of your run conquering hills rather than being beaten by them. Reminding yourself that you are training for something bigger will give you a feeling of satisfaction and help motivate you to continue on.



Being mentally tough is about knowing what you’re capable of and not being scared to push yourself to a place that’s uncomfortable. “My journey started as an outlet, but it blossomed into a connection to the environment around me. With every hour spent, every mile completed, I feel myself becoming more centered and better able to accomplish my goals.” 

Every runner has good and bad days. The difference between pros and amateurs often comes down to how you react. Instead of letting negativity affect your mindset and your run, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can do this.

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Nature has the powerful ability to inspire, heal and connect us - and we want to share our love for the outdoors with you. Our skincare and sunblock products are sourced with natural ingredients that are better for our bodies while having minimal impact on the environment.- Quc Taing


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