1% For The Planet

Since TANRI came to fruition, we knew the goal was to go beyond just suncare. Recently we’ve come together as a team to reconnect with our mission. We began to dig deep and truly define what is TANRI to its core? What is our purpose? 

A single word came to mind: Protect

Our products were made to protect the trail runner working on racing in their first ultra, the thru-hiker that's gotten to know the land they tread like the back of their hand, the everyday adventurer who passes their appreciation of the outdoors to their loved ones. Preserving this environment that brings so much happiness, health, and peace into our lives was just as important as the products themselves. 



For this reason, we are excited to announce TANRI’s decision to join 1% For The Planet. We believe our vision and goals for conservation can be put to better use with this amazing community of like-minded brands. 

1% FTP has collectively been able to donate millions of dollars towards things like providing clean water, saving wildlife, and protecting lands that belong to indigenous communities. While every effort is a great one, having a more structured way to our donation process will allow us to directly support causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

This is a very special move for us and another avenue to join the fight in preserving our wild lands, our playground, our planet. 

Join us as we strive to keep our planet thriving for generations to come!

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